Nyiombo Investments


Our brand of fertilisers are distributed through out the Country, because of the superior quality. Our range of NPK is granulated


Our able and reliable staff will ensure that the needs of farmers are our priority


At Nyiombo Investments we have the capactiy and logistics to supply fertislier and agro inputs throughout Zambia and the southern africa region

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Founded in 2002, Nyiombo Investments Ltd is a Zambian, privately owned importer/distributor of fertilizer. We employ 160 people within Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania and most recently in Zimbabwe. Annually we sell 200 000 tons of fertilizer into the Central and East African Market. Our head office is based in Lusaka, Zambia.

Nyiombo Investment Ltd is the business of adding value to the regional and Zambian commodities market through provision of differentiated marketing, financial and logistical services. Key growth effort is in marketing and distribution of inputs (fertilizer and seeds) and crops (maize, soyabeans, and groundnuts) through a network of rural satellites depots and a dedicated staff.

Nyiombo has a network of main and rural satellite depots in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. And hence proactively seeks opportunities to support the farming communities in which it operates through financial re-investment, supplying inputs, and providing operational expertise with a view of promoting agricultural productivity. Amongst the pre-requisites for growth in the agriculture sector looking at food production in particular, is the adequacy and need for the supply of agricultural inputs with the emphasis on fertilizer. Nyiombo Investments Limited has seen the opportunity to use its vast experience to enter into the SADC market to fill the current void and, through its efficient supply chain Nyiombo has added value to both the agriculture sector .